Project summary

A startup by Jorge, we developed the project from the beginning: research, UX and testing, branding & design, social media and development as well as managed the business side.


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Camoniano is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for Brazilian students learning Portuguese in class or on their own.

About the project

On a mission to improve Brazilian students’ knowledge of the Portuguese language, Camoniano has the most advanced LMS features for long distance learning in the market. The website is being used by educational institutions in Brazil as a complementary educational tool and it is also used by students wanting to study on their own.

The mandate

Develop a LMS to be used by institutions to complement the study of the Portuguese language, incentivizing the interactivity between student and teacher. The platform should emulate exam conditions as best as possible, giving the teachers greater control of the exam.

Since it is a new product, we were also requested to do the branding and design of the app. We did extensive user testing and experience studies in order to find a simple, organic way of presenting the content to the users and having the interact with the website.

Our solution

We have currently placed a LMS solution online that is being tested by schools in Brazil. In this phase, we are collecting data to improve the experience for all users: institution, teachers and students.

The branding is based on Luís de Camões, a famous Portuguese writer that influenced the brand. In Brazil, he is one of the main authors students study, making him a recognizable icon for the study of the language.

Camoniano - Português para a vida

The main focus of the website is on the exam experience. The intent is to give the students a scenario as close to the actual exam as possible. The teacher has control over how close the exams should be to the real experience.

Camoniano screen shots

Services provided

  • SEM & SEO
    SEM & SEO
  • Branding
  • UX Design
    UX Design
  • Web Design
    Web Design
  • Web Development
    Web Development
  • Social Media
    Social Media

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